Dream's kitchens come with variety of features. You can have the one which suits to you the most.

At Dreams Kitchen, we design the kitchens which allow you to move smoothly from task to task in a logical sequence and to work comfortably, safely, and efficiently. We keep the ‘work triangle’ as small as comfortably possible, so that, the distance between cooker, fridge and sink should be minimum without sacrificing the workability.

The Kitchen Specialist designs its modular kitchens on the principles of the Work Triangle. The Work Triangle identifies and divides your kitchen into three major zones - The Cooking Zone, The Cleaning Zone and The Storage Zone.

METAL BASED FRAMEWORK: Dream's kitchens are provided with metal framework for base cabinets which gives them sturdiness and longer life. Unlike wooden cabinets, this framework is not damaged by moisture. And non-rusting metals like aluminum and stainless steel are used in it.

Types of Modular Kitchens

With technological advancements, different types of modular kitchens are becoming popular, although all these options are derived from one basic design idea. Gallery kitchens (One way gallery, Two way gallery), Island kitchens, U-shaped and L-shaped kitchen.


There are many material options for modular kitchens. People make choices depending upon their preferences and budget. Some common materials include natural wood, marine ply, fiber board’s (MDF/HDF, Particle Board), stainless steel, and aluminum. Often, a combination of these can also be used depending upon the design preferences.


There are innumerable ideas and options you can choose from in the process of designing a modular kitchen for your home. Just remember to choose a design that is sleek, stylish, convenient, and affordable. Although you do get many options on the Internet, you will need to consult an interior designer to ensure that you do not encounter any serious issues during or after installation.


The currently prevailing perception is that modular kitchens are expensive. However, if you consider what you are getting in a modular kitchen, its cost might just be justified. The price of a modular kitchen will depend upon factors like area, design, and materials used for the drawers, counters, trolleys, etc. As there are so many factors that critically affect the cost of modular kitchens in India, talking about the final cost won’t be possible until and unless you consult an interior designer and let them know what you want and what you do not want in your kitchen. However, according to customer experiences thus far, modular kitchens tend to be more expensive than conventional kitchens.